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Hyster prides itselves on offering great material handling machinery which are both reliable and dependable machines which have low long term costs of ownership. We also offer continuous service for your machines to keep them running smoothly.

Hyster has transitioned to the AC pump and traction motors due to their simplicity when compared to conventional DC motors. Periodic maintenance intervals for AC motors can be as much as 500 hours when used in typical working environments. There is no arching, sparking, or maintenance, and no need to service brush rigging, brushes or motor commutators. Moreover, when compared to DC motors that give equal output, these motors develop lower temperatures overall. Hyster AC pump and traction motors provide greater speed capabilities, thermal performance, more torque, and continued dependability.

The top of the industry masts, Hyster's vista masts are made of solid steel cast cross members. Also, they are designed with a large window for better visibility. They feature the nested channel design and have full-face straight load rollers which are canted at three degrees. Additionally, brass side thrust plugs allow the operator to easily make adjustments to the mast during maintenance without disassembling or removing the mast. The Vista mast is designed and built by Hyster to precise specs.

Featured on our forklifts is the most reliable steer axle within the business for hydrostatic steering. We have built ours to be both dependable and durable, requiring no or little maintenance. For more safety, the Operator Pre-Shift Checklist requires the operator to answer certain questions to ensure that the unit has been inspected before utilizing it. This is an optional feature that means the lift could be programmed not to start if there is a problem that needs attention before lift operation or if the checklist is not done.

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