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Forklift Attachments Oakland

Forklift Attachments Oakland - Oakland is considered the 41st largest city in the US and the eighth largest city in the state of California, with a population of 446,901. The city is the seat of Alameda County in addition to being a central hub for the sub region of the Bay Area, East Bay. It is situated just eight miles east of San Francisco and has the West Coast Port located on the San Francisco Bay. Oakland covers a total of 78.2 square miles, with 22.1 square miles being water and the other 56.1 square miles covering land.

The terrain of Oakland breaks the cities people into either "the flatlands" and "the hills", with the flatland people usually being less well-off. Nestled on the hills and foot hills, lives around 1/3 of the populations, whereas the other 2/3 of the residents live within the flat plain of East Bay.

Among the main attractions of Oakland is Lake Merritt, which is situated near downtown. It is the considered to be the biggest (urban) salt water lake in the United States, even if it is technically an estuary of the San Francisco Bay.

Lots of individuals who settle in Oakland are attracted to the cities beautiful Mediterranean weather conditions, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Due to its location, it is usually warmer then San Francisco and cooler then San Jose. Every so often, the northern part of the city experiences a cooling maritime fog, but the city is far enough inland so that the fog burns off by mid day.

Since the city is a major West Coast Port, Over 200,000 jobs within the city are related to cargo transport. Moreover, the businesses Kaiser Permanente, Clorox and Matson have facilities in the city. Various companies have decided to build their headquarters here, like for example Cost Plus World Market and Dreyers. Oakland was also home to the very first London Drugs.

Early in the 21st century, Oakland went through a population and land surge. The 10K plan which was implemented saw that thousands of new multifamily houses were built in order to accommodate the influx of residents. This population surge could be attributed to the cities mild climate, as well as its fairly central spot in regards to larger cities. Oakland provides a practical option to sky high rents and property prices within San Francisco, and provides beautiful views of the San Francisco and the Bay from its hillside neighbourhoods. Due to its expanding population, there has been some shopping districts built as well as various restaurants which reflect various global and local cultures.

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