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Forklift Attachments Boston - The city of Boston is the 24th biggest city within the USA with a population of roughly 600,000 individuals. With a population of over 4.4 million, the Boston metropolitan area is the 11th largest within the United States based on the census. The city of Boston has been called "The Hub," and "Beantown." It makes up the largest city within the state of Massachusetts and New England, that includes Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Boston is the capital city of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The city of Boston is located on the eastern Massachusetts coast. It is located on the Boston Harbor at the mouth of the Charles River. This river divides Cambridge from Boston.

The Puritan colonists form England were the original founders of the city of Boston in the year 1630. The majority of the early setters to the city were in fact Puritans, which were a group that embodied a strong work ethic. Individuals who came to the city of Boston were not really tolerant of different religions. As a result, many of the surrounding colonies were established by individuals who were fleeing persecution from the Puritans.

The area around Boston has a rich early American colonial history with much history of the American Revolution within the region also. The Revolutionary War began within Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts, outside of Boston.

Amongst the huge economies within Boston are health care, and finance. Biotechnology and computer and software technology are likewise popular sectors. The Life-Sciences sector represents a minimum of one in six jobs in the city of Boston too. The economy of the region is mainly impacted by the education industry. Among the main companies include educational institutions as well as high technology industries which act as incubators for various future businesses within the region.

There is a very educated work force in the Metropolitan Boston area. The area ranks within the top 16% nationally for college educated adults when compared across the United States to similar sized cities. Those who hold a bachelors degree or higher within Boston are in excess of 35% based on data from the U.S. Department of Commerce recorded in 2000. This higher education accomplishment rate ranks Boston 5th amongst large cities within the USA for bachelor's degree holders. The rate is even higher in the region surrounding Boston and here, it is common to see higher education achievement rates up to 40 percent.

The city of Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts, housing many federal agencies in the city. State, federal and Civic government jobs are a significant sector of the economy. Port Boston is among the oldest industrial and fishing ports within North America. It serves as a major east coast seaport.

The city of Boston and eastern Massachusetts are major tourist places largely in part to their rich American Revolution and colonial history. There are 4 notable convention centers within the city of Boston: the Bayside Expo Center, The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the World Trade Center Boston and the Hynes Convention Center.

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