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Forklift Forks

The two styles of blades include the pin type and the hook type. Pin type blades or also known as shaft mounted, are utilized on the bigger capacity lift trucks. Pin type blades make use of the fork pin or shaft to connect onto the forklift. There is an eye on the topmost part of the blade that the pin slides through and holds the forks onto the carriage. Hook type blades are often utilized on forklifts up to 14,000 lbs capacity. Hook types are name since they hook over and secure into the bars on the tine carriage. These forks could be easily mounted by means of sliding upper and lower hooks onto the end of the carriage bars. One more assembly alternative is utilizing a special tine loading notch in the center of the lower carriage mounting bar.

The trade has harmonized tine sizings and they are also load rated according to the blade thickness and width. Once a tine needs to be replaced, it is very important to make sure the new tine has the same load rating as the one being replaced. This tine rating shall be stamped on the shank of the tine.

Making use of lift trucks could really lessen labour and time in many industrial applications. Having the appropriate forks connected on the device would enhance efficiency and safety.

Know the kind of blades needed in order to complete the task as there are different types. Palletized materials could be safely transported utilizing rather blunt-end style blades, while non-palletized material such as cardboard boxes requires a sharp-ended fork capable of sliding below the box. Ask your trainer or supervisor so as to determine the suitable forks used for the workplace application.

Each lift truck has its' own design and right method to change the forks thus refer to the instruction booklet for your particular model. Know whether or not your unit has quick-change blades. Numerous newer models have this particular fork style so as to make changing forks a much easier task to accomplish in less time. Check the manufacturer's instructions to detach the blades accordingly. The majority of quick-change forks drop automatically. Ensure the side shifters are located in the proper place so the new attachment or blades fit properly on the forklift. Connect the lifting attachment or forks in accordance to the lift truck's instructions. Check the operation manual if considered necessary and as soon as they are secured, perform a safety check before loading the new blades for the very first time.

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